Leveraging the European Parliament Proceedings Parallel Corpus

Here’s another great source to enhance your Translation Memories or to build a new TM from scratch: the European Parliament Proceedings Parallel Corpus 1996-2011 . Last updated on 15th May 2012, it contains EU parliamentary proceedings in 21 languages: Romanic (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian), Germanic (English, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish), Slavik (Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Slovene), Finni-Ugric (Finnish, Hungarian, Estonian), Baltic (Latvian, Lithuanian), and Greek.

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After you download the corpus in your specific language combination(s), you will not get a TMX file but rather a .tar archive with source and target languages saved as .txt files. In order to convert them to a TMX, you will need to align these first, using YouAlign, for example.


Great resource for typing diacritics in 21 languages

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TypeIt is an on-line tool which allows you to type accent marks, diacritics and other characters in 21 languages plus the International Phonetic Alphabet and some special symbol sets. This is a very handy tool if you need to quote text in a different language/alphabet, if you’re struggling to find a special character or don’t have immediate access to a localized keyboard.