Converting a TMX file to Excel/TXT

Sometimes it may be useful to re-purpose the contents of a TMX file in MS Excel, Word or other applications (say you want to perform a thorough spellcheck or combine the content of the TMX with other bilingual date you may have.

To do so, proceed as follows:

1.  Download, install and launch Oliphant

2. In Oliphant, press Ctrl+O and locate your TMX file

3. Go to File > Export and select Wordfast file (.txt) from the Save as type options

4. Set the export parameters accordingly

06-01-2013 21-43-19

5. Copy the contents of the .txt file into Excel.

If you then need to recreate a TMX file from your export, check out my earlier post.


6 thoughts on “Converting a TMX file to Excel/TXT

  1. Marcia says:


  2. Annemarie says:

    Thank you for this – very helpful!

  3. antman2k13 says:

    Oliphant is really an awesome tool! Thank you!

  4. Viktor says:

    Is it possible to convert it from Excel to TMX, once you are done with the translation?

  5. Jay, Yoon Jeong Yang says:

    Very useful information. Many thanks.

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