Inserting tags in Studio 2009/2011

Dealing with formatting tags has always left a something to be desired in CAT tools. Studio made this process slightly easier in the 2009/2011 versions, although still no hassle free.

Here’s how you can add tags to the target segments:

1) Copy source to target (Ctrl+Ins)

19-01-2013 21-18-35

In cases like this, I would rather copy the source text to the target segment with a shortcut and then translate between the tags, shifting them around (Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V) if need be. You can also copy/paste tags from the source to the target segment.

2) Use QuickPlace (Ctrl+Alt+Down)

19-01-2013 22-29-49

This will open a dropdown menu with a list of tags available in the segment. As you scroll down, the corresponding source tag will be highlighted.

3) Ctrl + Click on a tag

This method is great. Highlight the target text to be encapsulated by tags, then keep the Ctrl key pressed and click in the corresponding source tag; it will display automatically in the target segment at the right location.


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