Audit your PC…for free

Ever wanted to get an overview of all the programs you’ve installed on your PC, a breakdown of the technical specs of your hardware or whether any major Windows security flaws have been patched?

Bellarc Advisor is a free and tiny (<4 MB) utility that allows you to do all this and a lot more. If nothing else, you will be surprised to find out how much uselessware you have been unwittingly accumulating on your machine over the years and how much hard drive real estate it is consuming.

Belarc Advisor 82.g - Report


The analysis is very fast considering the data being gathered and you won’t be bothered with toolbars, adware, or spyware during the installation. Results displayed in your default browser. So whether you need to free up disk space or find out what kind of RAM you’re using, give Bellarc Advisor a shot.