The Vertical horizon

Many of us who started using Trados (minus SDL) in the good ol’ days of corrosive pinkie tags in MS Word and then transitioned to the more robust TagEditor would certainly reminisce about its distinctive vertical layout.

When I moved to SDL Trados Studio 2009, a radical departure from TagEditor, the lack of a vertical editing mode didn’t seem too much of a deal, until I had to tackle source files with gargantuan segments. Missing factual data in the translation became more frequent than I’d have liked simply because I had to constantly travel from left to right to compare source and target.

SDL has recently released an app to give us the good ol’ vertical layout we’ve been craving for. Enter the Vertical Review.

The app consists of a panel which you can dock wherever you want in your Studio editor, giving you that nice consolidated view, extremely handy for better spotting inconsistencies between source and target segments:


You can move up and down through all segments, by hitting Ctrl+Shift+PgUp and Ctrl+Shift+PgDown, regardless of the segment status.

Alas, the app does not (yet) allow direct editing in the Vertical Review panel, so you need to commit any changes in the editor itself. If you arrange your panels in a logical way, that shouldn’t be too much of a pain, as the main editor follows you as you navigate in the Vertical Review panel.

When it comes to quality assurance, I’d dare say this is probably the best app out there in the SDL AppStore. Often times, no automated verification tool can replace the eyeball, especially when the information is laid out in a way that actually makes sense.

You can find more details on how to use the app in this tutorial by the brilliant Paul Filkin.


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